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  • Do you ship pottery?
    At this point, I only offer local curbside pickup for Minnesota customers. I'll update this website as soon as it's possible for me to offer shipping.
  • Do you offer custom ceramics?
    I would be open to chatting with you about possible custom pieces, although my studio and firing capacities are limited at the moment due to Covid-19.
  • What's your pottery making process?
    All of the pieces currently in my shop are wheel-thrown and trimmed on a tiny tabletop wheel and fired to a mid-range Cone 6 temperature in an electric kiln.
  • How do I care for my new ceramics pieces?
    All of the pieces for sale in the shop are dishwasher and microwave friendly glazes and clay bodies. However, it is often recommended to primarily handwash handmade pottery for the longevity of the glaze. Please avoid extreme hot and cold conditions such as the oven or freezer, which can cause thermal shock and lead to breakage. Avoid placing pots directly over any flames or oven burners. If you handle your pieces with care, and they should last for years to come!
  • Are your ceramics food safe?
    Absolutely. All of the glazes and clay bodies in my lines are food safe. Currently, due to Covid and lack of an equipped studio space, I've been utilizing primarily commercial glazes from Minnesota Clay Company. If you have questions about a specific glaze, feel free to contact me!
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